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We Believe bringing new life into the world & dedicating oneself to bringing this life up with hope, joy and happiness is an unparalleled gift that parents gift to humanity.

Each day, each moment is a fleeting journey that begs to be captured.

Our Mission is to capture these priceless moments in the most authentic, cinematic and joyful way because we believe that

Every Life is an Extraordinary Treasure with the Ability to Transform the World.

About Me..

I’m a filmmaker, activist and artist.

I’ve spent over a decade of my life advocating for Immigration change for dependent spouses on the H4 visa with my documentary “Hearts Suspended” which finally came through in 2015 bringing relief to thousands of dependent spouses.

I’m a strong believer in doing what you love for a living and since I love babies and love films, I put my storytelling ability, visual sensibility and knack of bonding with kids together to create personalized, documentary style films for parents who want to capture and relive the special, fleeting, funny growing years of their babies.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that I have years of filming, editing and producing experience, the latest high end HD technology camera, sound and editing equipment and a team of passionate and talented crew to make your films look cinematic, artistic and a delight to watch over and over.

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